Custom wafer dicing, sawing, singulating and wafer backgrinding

Wafer Dicing and Backgrinding

Precision wafer dicing and backgrinding services provided for prototype, R&D, as well as high volume production wafer dicing requirements to semiconductor, nanotechnology, MEMS, microwave, optoelectronic, and hybrid circuit industries.

Other services related to wafer dicing, sawing and singulating include wafer and substrate edge grinding, rounding, chamfering, blending, and polishing. Also V-grooves, pyramids, slots, and steps on all types of materials including Fused Silica, Glass, Aluminum Nitride, Alumina Ceramics, Macor, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, Silicon, Ferrites, Sapphire, Germanium, Molybdenum, Metals including Aluminum, Copper, and Stainless Steel, bonded wafers, and bumped wafers. Valley has also expanded its machining capabilities with 4 Axis CNC machining equipment which can machine such features as through holes, pockets, corner chamfers and radii, steps, slots, edge chamfers, and can also produce complex shapes.

Whether the requirements are for laser diode mounts, chip capacitors or resistors, patterned optics, hybrid microcircuits, IC chips, laser diodes, metallic materials, ultra thin substrates and wafers or high voltage silicon wafer stacks, we do it all.

Starting material sizes can vary from 6" square to 8"x18" plates. Depending on the material, dicing kerf may be as small as .001" and die sizes as small as .127mm square.

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