Precision optical dicing - how to get a quick quotation

Precision Dicing, Do You Need a Quick Quotation?

Whether you require precision dicing or cutting of standard materials like Silicon, Aluminum Nitride, Sapphire, and Quartz, or you need to develop dicing and cutting procedures for untried materials, we will work with you to achieve your quality and product goals.

Before a quotation can be provided, we need to ask some questions:

Name: Company:

Phone: Fax: Email:

Material type? Material source:

Is a print available?

Are dimensions in mm or inches?

Starting length and width or diameter?

Starting quantity?

Finished piece, chip or die size and expected yield?

Tolerances and maximum allowable edge chip size?

Is there a pattern or metalization? Is it a step and repeat?

Is there a preferred mounting technique?

Allowed blade thickness, kerf or street width?

Are the surfaces protected? Do the surfaces need protection?

Can the pieces be left mounted?

If it is left mounted and cleaned, can you provide special instructions?

Delivery requirements?

Is there a budget?


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