Lapping and polishing from prototype to high production

Dicing and Sawing of All Types of Materials

Precision Lapping Capabilities, Products and Services

As leaders in materials processing for over 34 years, we offer precision lapping, optical polishing, dicing, optical edge/angle polishing, thinning, grinding, shaping and wafering services. Valley specializes in ultra-thin (as thin as 12.5 microns), ultra-flat (1/20 Wave) super-polishing (< 10/5 scratch/dig or 5-10 Angstroms) and tight tolerances (± 1 micron).

Applications and products include beamsplitters, DWDM filter substrates, glass blocks/rods/spacers, lenses, mirrors, prisms, SEMI standard dummy wafers, solar cells, waveguides, wedges, polarizers, bandpass filters, laser diodes. Valley Design's products are used in fiber optics/photonics, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, semiconductor and research industries.

Valley enjoys extensive experience with a wide variety of materials, and is also willing to work with proprietary materials. Valley routinely processes Fused Silica, Glass, Quartz, AlN, Pyrex, 99.6% and 96% Alumina, Sapphire, AF45, BK7, B270, D263, LASFN9, 1737, 7070, Ceramics, Lithium Niobate, Borosilicates, Soda Lime, Crystals, Silicon and Metals. In stock materials include Fused Silica, Quartz, optical glass, color filter glasses, 99.6% Alumina, R-plane Sapphire, Aluminum Nitride and Float Zone Silicon.

Precision Lapping

Valley offers precision lapping of all materials and has developed a proprietary process to achieve minimal material stresses and highest yields. Depending upon the material, Valley has the capability to achieve flatnesses to ¼ lightband and parallelism to .000050", and specializes in very tight tolerances. We lap all materials including Glass, Quartz, Ceramics, Metals, Silicon and many others. Valley processes parts as small as a few thousandths of an inch and up to 32" and larger in diameter. Valley also has extensive experience with thinning circuited and bonded wafers to as thin as 50 microns. For a complete summary of Valley Design's capabilities, please visit







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